Never give up!

You are not alone if you struggle with your products being found on Etsy.  There is a learning curve we all need to go through and simply put, it takes time to master.  That being said, many give up before really giving it a go.  With so many ways of approaching the issue and some outdated advise floating around, it's easy to see why you are frustrated.

Here are a few things to help you along your way when it comes to your title and tags.
  • Titles:  A title needs to be how the consumer will type it into the search bar. For example if you are selling a Black tote bag with pockets and you call it the "Midnight Carryall". Then you create a title that reads: "Midnight Carryall totebag"  Publish your listing and wait for views. Nothing. . . crickets. . . frustration sets in.  The truth of the matter is this, your customer does not know the cute or clever name you gave your product. A better title would be " Tote bag, black, pockets, carry handle"  This would be more to how a customer would search for your item.
  • Tags:  Tags support your title. They are the "directions" to your product.  You need to use all 13 tags and make sure they are relevant to your product.  There is nothing worse than searching for an item such as baby girl dress and seeing toddler boys pants show up in the search results!
Things are always changing online, we are all aware of the continued algorithm changes. These need not worry you at all if you have spent the time fine tuning your title and tags.  Take one item, work on it until you are happy with the results ( traffic, views, favorites, sales) then move onto the next one. Never try to change them all at once! 

We all want instant results, however, this is one of those areas in our business that we need to exercise patience.  It typically takes a minimum of two weeks to judge the results of a simple change. Depending on the item and the time of year it can take longer.

So give it a try. Take one item that isn't performing at all.  Start with the title, then the tags. Watch your daily stats for this one item and give it two weeks before making another change. Keep at it and if you find nothing is working, feel free to stop by my shop for some help.

Wishing you many happy sales!


  1. Jpanna, wonderful information and helps me understand just how important each step is when setting up my Etsy listings. I've added your blog feed to my blog's sidebar. Looking forward to many more great posts in the future.

    1. thank you so much Lynda, I appreciate your feed back and your sharing of my posts!

  2. I especially like the example you gave of the right and wrong black tote bag title, the right one starting with the most important word and ending with the least important. Keep up the good work, Joanna!

    1. thank you so much for your positive feedback Ostrich, It always seems to help when you have examples to illustrate a point. Glad you found it helpful!

  3. I like the tip to take one item at a time and fix it then once it gets better views move on to the next.


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