Promote, Promote and Promote!

We hear it all the time, "you need to be promoting your shop".  You shake your head, toe the floor. . . I know but it's to expensive. I'm not selling enough to make that work.

Well, let's take a look at this and see. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover, using Etsy's Promotion is one of the most under appreciated, under used means of promoting your shop!

Now don't leave, just take a moment to look this over. You will soon discover you have not gotten all the information you needed to make this work.  After all,  you control your daily budget, how much you will pay per item for a clicked view and more.  Go ahead and open up your Etsy shop while following along here.

At the top of the promoted listings page, you will see your daily limit.  Simply figure out how much money you can afford to spend for advertising your shop each month. . . then divide it by 31.  That is your daily budget. In our example going forward, we will use a daily budget of $1.00.

Further down, you will see all your listings. To the far right of each listing is the bid box.  You can allow Etsy to set the amount for you and have it set to automatic. . . or, you can set it for manual and set your amount for each item according to what you want to bid.  

Next to each listings title is a "megaphone" icon in grey. By clicking on that, it turns green, making that listing live for promotion.  Each person has their own ideas of how many they should set as live.  I am here to tell you, the best approach is to make them ALL live!! You have nothing to worry about. You have set your daily spending limit and won't go over that.  So live life to the fullest and liven them all up!!

Now, here is my favorite part of all.  In a couple of weeks ( if you have not been using promotion) check in to see what your graph looks like.  It is going to share lots of good information for you.

First, you will see how many times a listing was promoted, how many times it was actually clicked on, how much you have spent and how much you have made.   It gets better. . . under the word "impressions" you will see " search term analytics"  If you click on this and set the search time frame for the last 7 days or last month, you will see the search terms customers used that triggered your promotion to be shown.  

This information is so valuable. It won't show in your regular statistics. It is only available here.  It will help you adjust your SEO to optimize your other listings and even the one that was triggered.

If you find you are spending your daily amount every day, it's time to rethink your title unless you have sales that go with those clicks!

 Now, one other point to make here.  Many say that you only need to promote one item from each section in your shop. Folks say that it is a waste to do more since your product will show up anyway. Truth of the matter is this, if you use your Etsy Promotion and your other products come up too. . . more of your items are being seen rather than the competitions!  A win - win in my book!  You are here to get your products found, seen and sold!  

So take a chance, set up your Etsy promotions today. Set your daily budget to only 50 cents (that's a monthly budget of only $15.50 for advertising your products) and set your bid amount to just 3 cents. See how many times in the next 30 days your items are promoted. See if it brings you a sale.  Find out what the keywords are that triggered your promotion and use that to adjust your SEO.

As always, if you need help, I am available.  Please visit my shop for help with your SEO, descriptions, shop reviews and more.

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Until next time, wishing you many happy sales!


  1. I was so happy to see this article because I do think that Etsy Promoted Items is not understood by many. It's really cost effective and completely controllable. Thanks so much for filling in some details.


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