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How to create the perfect title for Etsy

You have your Etsy shop all set up. It's filled with some great products and you have yet to get views. It's a common problem for most shop owners and it is an easy fix. 

It comes down to a couple of things. First your title and then your tags. Titles need to be written by the way folks will search for your products.  It sounds simple enough, however, the majority of shop owners do not write this way.

Take a step back and ask yourself, what would I type in search to see my competitors products.  This is the first clue on how your titles need to be written. Here is a quick list of how to do your title in order for your customers to find you:
Don't use your products name in the title. For example, if you call your bracelet "Jill's Silver Bangle"  no one will know this is what you call your silver bracelet. So save that for the description. Don't use anything in your title other than letters, numbers and commas.  The other symbols don't register in search. …