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The BIG Selling season is Here!!

It's time, the big selling season is here! What if you are not ready?  First, don't panic. There is still time to get some of the basics taken care of. Here are a few things you can do today.  

TODAY:  Check all your needed supplies!!  From product supplies to packing and shipping supplies.  Tape? Boxes? Bags? Tissue paper? Business cards? Printer paper? Ink?  ORDER WHAT YOU NEED TODAY!!  Don't wait, do it now! You would rather have extra on hand then need to find what you ran out of.  This can literally make or break your selling season.SHIPPING STATION:  Set up an area that will be dedicated to everything shipping. All shipping supplies within reach.  Tape, scissors, tissue paper, bags, business cards, printer ( for shipping labels), product holding area, boxes and more.PACKING ORDERS:  Set up a time of day that you will package all your days orders.  Once you establish the time for this, keep it.  Don't change it!!  It needs to become part of your daily routine.  CHE…