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Introducing our NEW CLUB!

* Preparing for a busy selling season Introducing the EWDMarketing Club
A paid monthly subscription designed to help you grow your Etsy business while keeping up with all the changes, trends and best practices.

Here is a sampling of what the club will have to offer:
Up to Date Video TrainingSEO Help for all shops and productsSetting Achievable Business GoalsPreparing for a busy selling seasonFREE Training materials with each months lessonLive Q&A sessionsLearn to run a successful marketing campaignSetting up and running a Pattern ShopGrowing beyond Etsy, including Amazon Handmade, opening your own website and more.Our new club officially opens its doors for July 1st.  We are accepting early enrollment right now and for anyone taking advantage of the early enrollment, you will receive two benefits.
1: Use code  17Blog515   to join for $24.00 per month 
2: All who take advantage of the early enrollment will be allowed   
    into the club on May 15th.

This is a very limited time offer, to l…

Starting off a new season with a BANG!!

Welcome to our new format!  
Thanks to all of you, we are growing and needed to do some major updating in order to help you even more.   Let me share with you our newest additions that are either available right now or are about to be released.

We started offering one on one training to help you get a better understanding on how to create your title and tags. 
It is gaining in popularity more and more every day!

Since there are many seasoned members, a new class has been added this week, Consulting for your Etsy Shop. 
This allows you to go beyond the basics, asking for specific help in the following areas: Shop Review, Marketing Plan, Sales help and General Questions.  It is a one on one class that is designed to help you with your business needs, complete with a real plan of action to get you moving forward.

Coming in the next 2 weeks:

Our first ever EWDMarketing Club!!
This will be a paid membership.  Designed to offer continued support for you and your growing business.  Here are…