Introducing our NEW CLUB!

* Preparing for a busy selling season
Introducing the EWDMarketing Club
A paid monthly subscription designed to help you grow your Etsy business while keeping up with all the changes, trends and best practices.

Here is a sampling of what the club will have to offer:
  • Up to Date Video Training
  • SEO Help for all shops and products
  • Setting Achievable Business Goals
  • Preparing for a busy selling season
  • FREE Training materials with each months lesson
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Learn to run a successful marketing campaign
  • Setting up and running a Pattern Shop
  • Growing beyond Etsy, including Amazon Handmade, opening your own website and more.
Our new club officially opens its doors for July 1st.  We are accepting early enrollment right now and for anyone taking advantage of the early enrollment, you will receive two benefits.
1: Use code  17Blog515   to join for $24.00 per month 
2: All who take advantage of the early enrollment will be allowed   
    into the club on May 15th.

This is a very limited time offer, to learn more and to enroll please visit our enrollment page.  Learn More Here.

If you are not sure about my teaching style or if I could possibly help you, here are a couple of interviews done with Marmalead.
These may be watched on your computer or iPhone, listen to them on the podcast or read the interview on their blog post. Here are the direct links:
The goal of the EWDMarketing Club is simple, to help you focus on your business, keep you up to date on the latest changes happening on Etsy and most important, help you to start selling your products.   

Learn what others have to say from the feedback received in the EWDMarketing Shop on Etsy.
The one thing that is holding you back is not knowing how to do something. The club is your answer.  

Here are a few of the FAQ's:

Q: What if I want to leave? 
A: This is a monthly membership. You will pay monthly, you may leave at any time, You may return later,  it is all up to you.

Q: How long is the special price good for?
A: You are locked in at your enrollment price for as long as you remain a paying member.  If you choose to leave and then come back you will be charged the full price.

Q: If I choose to leave during the current month will I receive a refund?
A: Unfortunately, no. Due to the way the club is set up, you will remain an active member until the end of your months subscription. Allowing you access to the training, Live Q&A sessions and the free training materials.

Q: What if I don't understand something in the lesson?
A: You will be able to post your questions to receive help and you will also be able to take part in the Live Q&A sessions as well. 

Early Enrollment ends very soon!  Take advantage of the special offer today!  Learn more and Enroll Here.


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